Till Death Do Us Part by Willow Rose

Till Death Do Us Part by Willow Rose (Eva Rae Thomas #4)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Death was the only way she could leave.
Rachel Baker, a devoted mother of three, disappeared one Monday morning after dropping off her children at daycare. Her car was found on the side of the road, but there’s no trace of her anywhere. Soon, the questions start piling up:

What happened to her?
Would she leave her children just like that?
Was the husband involved?

When they find out she was planning to leave her husband, the question arises whether he killed her because she wanted to leave or if her sister helped her disappear. Who tells the truth, and who hides an ugly secret?

FBI Agent Eva Rae Thomas is in the middle of renovating her house with her boyfriend, Detective Matt Miller, when she is called in to assist with this strange case.
She knows Rachel, as their children are best friends, and has no problem taking over, trying to find her friend and fellow mom.
But when Rachel’s body turns up in a storage unit, and Eva Rae digs deeper; she realizes this killer is especially vicious and determined not to be found.
Meanwhile, the husband and mother-in-law fight over the right to the children, and things soon turn ugly as secrets are gushing out of the closet on both sides, one darker than the next.

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