Tower of Blood and Flame by A.E. Rayne

Tower of Blood and Flame by A.E. Rayne (Fate of the Furycks #2)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Someone is seeking to destroy the Furycks, but who?
As Axl works on strengthening Brekka’s defenses, he discovers he has more enemies than he realised. Help arrives in the form of a dreamer, though he doesn’t know the woman, so how can he trust her? Yet, with so much at stake, how can he not?

After a disastrous time on the island of Aggralaia, Edela finds a new ally, and just in time. With his help, she travels to the Fire Lands, once again forced to flee for her life. Hunted by the determined band of Siluran warriors, she must make a stand to free herself of her pursuers once and for all.
And Jael comes face to face with her true enemy. Though vulnerable and weak, there is little she can do to stop the man from achieving his goal.
He has claimed her.
Now he will kill her.

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