Undead Kingdom by Andrew Karevik

Undead Kingdom by Andrew Karevik (Revenant’s Revenge #1)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 460 KB

As a mere peasant, I can’t say that my life was anything but a slog. I struggled every day, looking to put something on the table, but it was my life, and no one had a right to take it. Especially not Eris Lanyer, lord of the city, the very same who was supposed to keep people such as myself safe! The nobleman killed me without a second thought, for the sole purpose of testing the blade he had just acquired!

So here I am, burning with such a rage at this flagrant lack of justice. My hate is so immense that I’m unable to pass to the afterlife, and so I return, as a Revenant.

If no one noticed my existence among the living, they sure as all hell are going to take note of me in my death… or rather undeath! A little pact with a dark deity later and I’m now capable of growing my powers through the accumulation of Discordance shards.
Waging war against the mighty, causing mayhem and striking fear in the hearts of mortals will help me unlock new abilities that will bring me closer to my ultimate goal: build an Undead Kingdom and run Eris’ little world into the ground! Because I don’t just want the man to pay for his sins, oh no! I want to make him suffer like I did my entire life, and I will not rest until he has tasted what true misery and despair feel like.

But wait, why can I only seem to shriek and snarl when I try to speak? And what is that atrocious pain and hunger that won’t let me rest for even a second? As it turns out, life as a revenant is a little more complicated than I first thought… Oh, here’s someone, maybe he’ll be able to help?

Oh boy…

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