Under A Crimson Moon by Alan Petersen

Under A Crimson Moon by Alan Petersen (Elijah Shaw #4)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 552 KB

In the heart of Washington, D.C., a young girl vanishes, leaving no trace, no clues, and a desperate father who will do anything to find her. Unhappy with the local police’s lackluster progress, he pulls strings—his power and connections as a wealthy, influential businessman reverberating through the city’s echelons—bringing top homicide investigator Elijah Shaw onto the case.

Elijah Shaw, the relentless detective with a razor-sharp mind, is not a welcome sight for the local police. Thrust into a jurisdiction he’s unfamiliar with and forced into a complex web of power, corruption, and secrecy, he must fight against the clock and the seething resentment of those who should be allies.

But not everything is against him. Rekindling an old flame, he reunites with Alexandra Needham, a formidable FBI Profiler based in Quantico. Her insights and skills become invaluable to Shaw as he delves deeper into the underbelly of D.C., chasing the tendrils of a conspiracy that leads him to a terrifying hypothesis: a secret society of wealthy, powerful men and the Russian mob may be orchestrating the abductions of this girl and other young women.

In this city, where power politics plays out in the darkest corners, will Shaw and Needham manage to shine a light into the abyss and save the missing girl before it’s too late? As the moon turns crimson, every secret will be uncovered, every loyalty will be tested, and every fear will be faced.

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