Under Cold Moons by L.E. Van Veen

Under Cold Moons by L.E. Van Veen (The Crowns of Talam #1)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Aisla Iarkis is the Gheall Ceann, the promised one, prophesied to wield an immense power with the potential to save or end the nine realms of Talam. She finds herself burdened by the pressures of a prophecy that has been lost and mistranslated through generations. As she enters adulthood, Aisla has come to fear the power gnawing beneath her skin and lacks the skill to control it. When a mysterious disease, ailing her land and her people, sinks its claws into her best friend, Aisla rushes into enemy lands—a land with no magic—in search of a cure.

She must rely on her training as a warrior and her own ingenuity to save her continent, but what will it cost?

Weylin Myrkor has spent his entire life preparing to sit the Arden Throne, the throne stolen from the Iarkis family during the War for Descendants. His family has fought against the doom foretold in the prophecy of the norns since its contents first spread. Following his betrothal to the daughter of a powerful dynasty, Weylin feels more confident than ever that he will be the one to unite the realms. A scream in the woods stalls his journey home, and Weylin finds himself saving a mysterious female from beasts of Hel.
With secrets, vulnerabilities, and betrayals knotted between them, will his travels change him for better or worse?

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