Unknown Realms by Jim Shanahan

Unknown Realms by Jim Shanahan
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A vast and threatening world. The unknown territories of a deadly game.
One hasty decision. One rash leap through a mysterious circle of light in pursuit of a fugitive. That was all it took for Jon to be trapped in The Eternal Challenge. Life as a bounty hunter had just become much more interesting and dangerous.

Losing means dying. How long could you survive?
Faced with a new reality where possession of the right weapon or power marks the difference between success or failure, tenuous life or certain death, Jon is forced to embrace a perilous journey towards freedom and a way home, which will only be granted at the end of the final level.

Can he succeed when even the deadliest of rivals have struggled?
Using only his wits and instinct for survival, he must gain in experience and adapt to the increased dangers that each new zone presents.

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