Vanished by Theo Baxter

Vanished by Theo Baxter
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 444 KB

Maggie knows someone wants to hurt her daughter. So why will no-one help?
Single mother Maggie Conner struggles to raise her young daughter, Isabel, in a household ruled by her own abusive father.
Terrified for Isabel’s safety, Maggie realises that neither her cold, distant mother nor anyone else in town seem willing to help them.

Then Isabel starts to disappear for long periods, returning with no idea of where she has been or why.
And when Maggie tries to get outside help, doctors and psychologists seem strangely reluctant to get involved in Isabel’s case. Is someone threatening them so they’ll stay away?

Desperate to save her daughter, Maggie searches for answers. But the more she digs, the more she is forced to confront the secrets buried deep in her own past.
As Maggie’s whole world begins to unravel, can she find the strength to face the terrifying truth?

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