Voidlight by Aaron Hodges

Voidlight by Aaron Hodges (The Blades of Heaven and Hell #2)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Victory. With the aid of Mikael Heaton—the man from another world—the Highland clans have repelled the forces of Gurria. But their efforts have woken a slumbering beast. When Gurria returns, it will not be with a mere hundred soldiers, but legions.

The Highlands need allies, but now the world knows what Mikael is, that’s no easy task. The seers call him the Voidlight. Destroyer of Worlds. And with his memories of Earth returning, their prophecies may not be far off the mark.

Not to be deterred, Mikael seeks new friends in enemy territory. Skarta was conquered long ago, but revolution is bubbling beneath the city’s surface. Can a despised Offworlder convince them to rise up against their Gurrian overlords? Or will the Highlands fight alone—and fall like those who came before them?

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