What Have They Done by Benjamin Campbell

What Have They Done by Benjamin Campbell (Expat in Europe #2)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Set in 2023, What Have They Done is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Nothing They Won’t Do. It’s five years later, and Putin and Iran are driving the world towards war over the West’s assistance to Ukraine and the fighting in Israel and Gaza. Mason Wright fears MI6 may try to drag him and Kelly back in as global strife continues to spread, but he’s more focused on keeping his marriage and his life from falling apart under pressures of a more personal nature.
On the surface they appear to be the perfect couple, living the dream and partying with the rich and beautiful in chateaux across France. But darker truths lurk behind the façade as they struggle to recover from a personal tragedy – and someone with knowledge of a secret from Mason’s past targets their family, threatening everything he and Kelly hold dear.

Just when it all seems too much to bear, the unthinkable comes to pass – and Mason and Kelly find themselves caught in the crosshairs of competing government agencies on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Suddenly, it’s no longer a question of trying to save a marriage but one of trying to save their lives.

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