What She Knew by Dan Clark

What She Knew by Dan Clark
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

He thought he knew everything about his wife… He was wrong!
Tom and Amy Pearce have built a seemingly perfect life – a loving marriage, a beautiful daughter, fulfilling careers, and a comfortable home. They couldn’t ask for more.
So why is Amy hiding something?
When Tom stumbles upon an object he believed was lost in a tragic accident, memories flood back, catapulting him into an emotional whirlwind.

A few days later, Tom observes an encounter between Amy and a mysterious stranger. The subtle shift in her demeanour piques his concern, stirring a deep unease within him. Desperate for answers, he confronts Amy, only to be met with evasiveness and distance.
As Tom delves deeper into the connection between the stranger and the object from the past, he realises he may not truly know his wife at all…

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