Wide Awake by Steven Konkoly

Wide Awake by Steven Konkoly (Devin Gray #3)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 702 KB

A conspiracy to incite an American civil war. The desperate chase to stop it is on in a propulsive thriller by Steven Konkoly, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Deep Sleep.

After taking out a sleeper network, Devin Gray and Marnie Young are picking up the pieces of their disrupted lives. But the gravity of the conspiracy they helped to cripple is sucking them right back into the black hole of violence and subterfuge that nearly consumed them. Another sleeper network is awake.

A progressive congresswoman dies in a car explosion, vaporized by an American kamikaze drone—the beginning of the mayhem to come. What Devin dismantled is being rebuilt. The plan: ignite a civil war in the United States and burn America to the ground.

Seeds of unrest are planted. Threats are escalating. The clock is ticking as Devin, Marnie, and an unconventional team of allies play a cat-and-mouse game across the country to stop a domestic nightmare from coming true.

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