Won’t Stay Dead by Stephen Taylor

Won’t Stay Dead by Stephen Taylor (Danny Pearson #10)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Danny’s already killed him twice…But Snipe Won’t Stay Dead and is out for revenge…
Defeated by Danny after the death of terrorist Marcus Tenby, mercenary Nicholas Snipe is brought back to life in the back of the ambulance and whisked away to a government facility. When he comes out of a coma a year later, he has no recollection of the past few years.

The facility drug and brainwash him back to health and put him back to work as a government asset. All goes well until Snipe’s memory and psychopathic behaviour return in the middle of his fourth assignment, he kills an Iranian scientist and steals the world’s most powerful compact nuclear weapon. Danny must follow Snipe’s trail of destruction and stop him before he sets off the weapon and kills thousands of innocent people…

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