You Can Run by L C George

You Can Run by L C George
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Rachel thought she’d escaped her father. But now he’s found her.
Rachel was barely more than an infant when her father, Dennis, murdered her mother and sister. In prison ever since, Dennis has never said one word about why he killed two family members – or why he spared Rachel.
Now a grown woman, Rachel has done everything she can to leave her terrible past behind. She has changed her identity and is now happily married to the love of her life, Dan.
But there is a dark cloud on the horizon.

Dennis is due to be released from prison and Rachel worries that he will kill again, that he may even come after her. And sure enough, a series of murders begins around the time of his release.
Rachel is terrified, convinced that her father is stalking her, certain she will be his next victim. Even worse, Dan thinks she is being paranoid and won’t do anything to protect her.
Isolated, vulnerable, Rachel spends her days in an agony of terror and suspense. But as bad as this is, the truth is even worse. Because Rachel only has part of the picture, and what she is actually facing is far more horrifying than even her wildest nightmares…

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