A Giant Killing by G R Jordan

A Giant Killing by G R Jordan (Siobhan Duffy #1)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A body lies on the Giant’s boot. Discord, as the master of secrets has been found. Can former spy Siobhan Duffy find the killer before they execute her former colleagues?

When retired operative Siobhan Duffy sees the killing of her former master in the paper, her unease sends her down a path of discovery and fear. Aided by her young housekeeper and scruff of a gardener, Siobhan begins a quest to discover the reason for her spy boss’ death and unravels a can of worms today’s masters would rather keep closed. But in a world of secrets, the difference between revenge and simple, if brutal, housekeeping becomes the hardest truth to know.

The past is a child who never leaves home!

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