Dark Dodgers by C.P. James

Dark Dodgers by C.P. James (Reassembly Series #6)
English | 2023 | Science Fiction

Still licking its wounds, the Alliance is desperate to level the playing field against the Zelnads. But only a united galaxy can triumph in the final battle. Can Geddy, Eli, and his friends finally reassemble the fractured Alliance before they run out of pages?
At every turn, they’ve been outgunned, outmanned, and outmaneuvered. Apart from that, things have gone pretty well for Geddy Starheart and the crew of the Fizmo. They’ve gotten this far without dying and have come together as a team. They have new titles, spiffy uniforms, and cool ships.
There’s just one hurdle left to clear: War is coming, the entire universe hangs in the balance, and defeat is certain.

A dangerous mission to Geddy’s favorite planet, Kigantu, provides key intel. When things go awry, his decision-making skills, physical fitness, and judgment are put to the ultimate test. You can probably imagine how that goes.
Meanwhile, Doc Tardigan and Lestiko inch closer to understanding the Zelnads’ awesome power. An ancient sect reveals its origins and a prophecy that foretells the Alliance’s impending doom or glorious victory, depending on whom you ask.
When a major crisis hits close to home, the final piece of the puzzle clicks into place. But key holdouts leave the Alliance at less than full strength. Can they still prevent the Zelnads’ unthinkable endgame, or will their last stand be the final fall?

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