Bonds of Loyalty by Heather Atkinson

Bonds of Loyalty by Heather Atkinson (Blagger’s Code #5)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Faith Chambers desperately wants her ex-lover Vance to forgive her for her betrayal but the love he once held for her has turned to hate. Losing the closest relationship she ever had means she has to start living in an entirely new way and Faith fears she doesn’t have it in her.

Still, the pressure of hiding an intimate relationship with a man everyone thinks is her brother has gone, taking a weight off her shoulders.
Women similar in appearance to Faith are attacked all over Blackpool, heralding the arrival of a new enemy. Faith has to put aside all her worries and concentrate on steering the family through this fresh crisis. A silver lining appears in the form of a new doorman at one of the nightclubs her family runs. Jericho is strong, handsome and charming but is he behind the attacks on the women in the city, or is that all part of her ex-lover’s revenge?

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