Unbroken Faith by Glynn Stewart

Unbroken Faith by Glynn Stewart (The Dakotan Confederacy #3)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

When allies call for help
The conquered call for liberty
The dead call for vengeance…
With whom do you keep faith?
After two years, the collapse of the Terran Commonwealth has finally slowed. With communications networks rebuilding, the Successor States are beginning to look to the future—but for some of these states, that is a future to be forged in fire and conquest!

With warlords leading fleets into their stars, the newborn Weston Republic has called for help from every Successor State they could find. Now, James Tecumseh, founder of the Dakotan Confederacy finds himself fighting shoulder to shoulder alongside Imperator Walkingstick—the man he blames for the fall of the Commonwealth itself!
As defeats, victories, and lies pile up all around them, the two leaders find themselves at a nexus of blood and fire that will define the future of the Commonwealth’s Successor States for all time—if they survive!

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