Cold Blood by Blake Banner

Cold Blood by Blake Banner (A Dead Cold Mystery #29)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

And so is the Castle Hill Ripper. His MO hasn’t changed. He still stalks pregnant women, like a hunter. He still gets himself invited into their homes and he still disembowels them in their living rooms and then takes a shower and changes his clothes before leaving. And he is still cold, like a man with a frozen heart and no soul.

The only people who knew about the showers and the change of clothes were the cops investigating the killings, and the killer himself. But Dave Clerk, convicted and sentenced for life for the murders is at Attica maximum security, doing his time. Which means whoever just killed Elaine Gallardo is either a cop who was involved in the original investigation, or a copycat who knows Clerk intimately.

Either that or the original conviction was wrong, and the Castle Hill Ripper is still at large, hunting again.

Stone and Dehan know they need to find out fast. What they don’t know is that this investigation might just cost them their lives.

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