Elf Empire by John Stovall

Elf Empire by John Stovall
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Leo wanted to make something out of himself—and build dams.

However, the world doesn’t want dams. And it mostly doesn’t want civil engineers. It doesn’t want men who do any sort of building or fighting or grand design, it seems.

So, when Leo finds his current girlfriend, and boss, being threatened by a brutal loan shark and all three of them get dragged through a portal to another world, it doesn’t take long for him to decide this is the place for him. Plus, everyone has magic, and who wouldn’t want that?

Leo appears in the realm of a fallen kingdom, one that desperately needs someone who will both fight for what’s right and build a grand civilization.

Along with his new coterie of friends—a not-quite-a-princess elf and a crippled dragon—Leo must race to build his kingdom before the loan shark Kruegar can finish Leo off with a legion of orcs.

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