Don’t Believe Him by Monica Arya

Don’t Believe Him by Monica Arya
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Our marriage started out as a scandal. He was my professor, and I was his student. But every scandal eventually fades. I just didn’t know our love would, too.
We had it all—a lake house, two kids, and twenty years of marriage. Except, our marriage was no longer exciting. We scheduled intimacy, ate meals in silence, and became strangers.
Our kids went off to college, and we were now empty-nesters, trying to reconnect. But my husband, a psychology professor and thriller novelist, had other plans. Perhaps writing a fictional novel had him living in a false reality? Perhaps he was having a mid-life crisis?

He didn’t want to reconnect with me; he just wanted to replace me. Worst of all, the girl he was having an affair with was our son’s girlfriend.
Betraying me was one thing, but betraying our son…? I had to make him pay.
So, I hired my son’s girlfriend to lure my husband and to stay away from my son. But soon after, bodies began to turn up, the truth started to blur, and lies began to grow.
My husband swore I was overreacting and nothing is as it seems, but I don’t believe him.

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