Find The Lady by Jack Gatland

Find The Lady by Jack Gatland
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Maybe you win, maybe you lose… It all depends on the card you choose…
Meet disgraced ex-DI Ellie Reckless, a self-proclaimed ‘cop for criminals’, and the person the underworld calls when they can’t call the police.
For the first time in years, Ellie Reckless is at peace. Cleared of murder, and with her lover’s death avenged, Ellie has her whole life ahead of her.
But with one of her team still recovering from a vicious and crippling attack, and the London police blaming her for the loss of “one of their best,” Ellie finds herself distracted, especially when a new case lands with her team; the self-proclaimed “Queen of Conjuring,” Zoey Park has disappeared during a stage performance – and not because of a trick gone wrong.

Now hunting a woman who doesn’t want to be found, one who knows better than anyone how to become invisible, Ellie and her team start questioning the motives of their client, and wonder whether they’re on the right team here – as they fall into a conspiracy involving street gang magicians, sleight-of-hand con men and money laundering escapologists, on the late-night London cabaret scene…
Should they be finding Zoey… or helping her stay hidden?

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