Her Last Moment by Declan James

Her Last Moment by Declan James (Jake Cashen #5)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

When Detective Jake Cashen’s new partner is found brutally slain, Jake must choose between justice and revenge in the hunt for a cold-blooded killer.
As she draws her last breath, Detective Mary Rathburn leaves a cryptic message to Jake written in her own blood. It’s a clue to her killer’s identity she knew only he would understand. It sets him on a dangerous path that could change him forever.

Jake faces mounting pressure to solve this case from his fellow cops, Mary’s grieving family, and his own sense of duty to his fallen sister in blue. His investigation reveals disturbing secrets about Mary’s personal life that send shockwaves through Blackhand Hills. But did her secrets lead to murder?
The closer Jake gets to the truth, the more his own demons boil to the surface. To catch a killer, he’ll have to think like one. When he crosses that line, there’s no coming back and all the dark rumors about his birthright might finally come true.

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