Hunting Grounds by L.T. Ryan, C.R. Gray

Hunting Grounds by L.T. Ryan, C.R. Gray (Maddie Castle #3)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 627 KB

A killer has returned and his reign of terror has only just begun.
An unstoppable killer stalks the city, leaving a mounting body count in his wake. As panic and fear grip Pittsburgh, the FBI is brought in to assist the local police with the manhunt, hoping to prevent further bloodshed.

Retired Pittsburgh K9 Handler Maddie Castle is pulled into the manhunt. She has experienced the killer’s deadly handiwork firsthand. He left her crippled in body and spirit.
Caught between her thirst for revenge and her desire to save lives, Castle knows that tracking the killer down and bringing him to justice will give her peace of mind.

But this madman is shrewd and evasive, eluding capture at every turn. As Maddie and her K9 partner stay hot on his heels, she realizes that he might be one step ahead of her…
He’s already put her on his hit list.
In the Hunting Grounds, death is the only escape. And if Maddie wants to survive the ultimate showdown with evil, she’ll have to stay alive long enough to outwit him once and for all.

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