Planet Killer by G J Ogden

Planet Killer by G J Ogden (The Aternien Wars #3)
English | 2023 | Science Fiction | 495 KB

The Aterniens had a century to plan their revenge, and despite the best efforts of Master Commander Rose and his crew, they are losing the war. Even so, Rose must soldier on, and continue to find his remaining crew so that the Longsword Galatine is ready for whatever new threats they might face.

The incident at Terra 6 proved that the Aterniens could strike at the heart of the Union, but the god king has many more tricks up his sleeve. Aterniens imposters posing as humans are spread throughout the Union, causing chaos, and generating suspicion and fear.
But as Rose tackles one crisis another appears. A weapon capable of eradicating the population of entire worlds has been unleashed, and it’s his job to stop it.

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