Simply Scandinavian by Trine Hahnemann

Simply Scandinavian: Cook and Eat the Easy Way, with Delicious Scandi Recipes by Trine Hahnemann
English | 2023 | Food & Cooking | 77 MB

Simply Scandinavian is a beautifully inspiring collection of easy and delicious recipes.

In a nod to the Scandinavian way of eating, the book offers over 80 unpretentious and straightforward dishes with a focus on ease of cooking and seasonality. By showing just how achievable it is to get amazing flavours out of a handful of good ingredients, Trine creates solutions for easy breakfasts, mid-week meals and simple but impressive ways to entertain family and friends.

This is an uncomplicated and greener way to cook and eat, from an expert in Scandinavian cookery.

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