The Alibi by Evie Hunter

The Alibi by Evie Hunter
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 595 KB

Don’t get mad…get even!
Leona Carson thought Scott Jessop was a decent man…she was wrong.

When she discovers Scott has been lying to her, she knows it’s time to call it quits on their relationship. But Scott doesn’t take kindly to being rejected by Leona and begins a campaign to ruin her life just like he has done to many other women…
Determined to stop Scott and get her life back, Leona asks the police for help, but Scott always has someone ready to take the blame.

Tired of Scott’s lies, Leona tracks down his latest alibi, Hugo Rossiter. But rather than find another ready excuse, she meets a man who is also sick of Scott’s actions.
And together, they are determined to make him pay once and for all…

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