Starship Andromeda by T. R. Harris

Starship Andromeda by T. R. Harris (Human for Hire Series #8)
English | 2023 | Science Fiction

This wasn’t like Adam Cain – AKA: The Human for Hire. He wasn’t supposed to be compassionate and caring. But for some reason, he’d taken the former Third-Generation Human John Martinez under his wing and was now determined to show him what the real Human race was all about. As a 3G, Martinez had been raised by the Klin to believe a completely false narrative about his native race. But having never been to Earth—and after only a few tragic encounters with other Humans—what was Martinez to believe?
And that was why Adam was taking Martinez to Earth … and aboard the luxurious space liner Starship Andromeda.

But of course, where Adam goes, trouble follows, and soon he and Martinez are ensnarled in a vast and deadly conspiracy that risks the lives of everyone aboard the Starship Andromeda, as well as every soul on Earth.

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