Sword of the Dead by Morgan Rice

Sword of the Dead by Morgan Rice
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 1.3 MB

Sword of the Dead (Book One) boldly reimagines the Persephone myth as a jumping off point to launch us into a startlingly new epic fantasy world, replete with fresh villains, kingdoms, tragedy monsters, and heroes.

When Thea, the king’s 18 year old daughter, is snatched by a monster and taken miles down to an underground kingdom, Lance, a peasant boy who dreams of joining the King’s elite knights, vows to risk his life to save her. Lance embarks on an epic quest to prove himself before the king’s men, to find the secret passage to the underground, to brave intense trials, to battle hideous monsters, and to get her back.

Meanwhile, up above, with the king distracted and betrayed, a once-impregnable kingdom is crumbling, as enemies on all sides close in. Only a hardened girl thief, an unlikely hero, stands a chance of saving it all….

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