The Best Friend by Susanna Beard

The Best Friend by Susanna Beard
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 511 KB

Everyone has a friend like Carl.
The friend you can’t say no to.
The friend it’s dangerous to say yes to.
I’m finally in a good place. A lovely home. A steady job. And Jason. Reliable, kind, honest Jason — my boyfriend. I trust him completely.
But if anyone can lead Jason astray, it’s Carl. His best friend.

And now Carl’s on our doorstep. Desperate for help. As usual. Carl always drags Jason into his mess and leaves him to pick up the pieces.
I beg Jason not to get involved. But Carl has a hold over my boyfriend that I don’t understand. And suddenly I see everything we’ve worked so hard for about to come tumbling down.
Because Carl knows Jason owes him. And now it’s time to pay.
I have to get Carl out of our lives. Out of my relationship. Before my boyfriend’s best friend ruins everything.

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