The Cold Case by Will Shindler

The Cold Case by Will Shindler (DI Alex Finn #5)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Years ago someone got away with murder . . .
But time’s up.

During a summer heatwave, teenagers are going missing.
Junior officer Alex Finn takes the case and fears that the disappearances are linked.
In a race against the clock to find and rescue the children alive, Finn and his team are only partially successful.
Two of the children are saved, but they were too late for Oliver.
And the killer got away.

DI Alex Finn is still tormented by the cases of his youth – none more than so than the 2009 kidnappings.
And it seems someone else has not forgotten either.
They want answers after all this time, and with a gun in their pocket and their sights set on Alex, they’ll do anything to get what they’re after.

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