Revolt in the Palace by Andrew Moriarty

Revolt in the Palace by Andrew Moriarty (Adventures of a Jump Space Accountant #7)
English | 2023 | Science Fiction

The fighting may be over, but the war goes on. Quietly.

Fighting doesn’t always involve guns, and the upcoming elections for Imperial senate stress alliances that aren’t up for much stress. Admiral, Dashi, Jose, Marianne and their allies continue maneuvering for advantage. Lying, cheating and stealing are legitimate political tactics. But when the unexpected happens just after the election, every faction is left deciding who they really are loyal to- the empire? Or themselves?

Jose, Marianne, Dashi and the Admiral are back in book 7 in the adventures of a Jump space Accountant. If you like strategy over tactics, and thought before action, this series is for you.

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