The Deceiving Look by Victor Methos

The Deceiving Look by Victor Methos (Shepard & Gray #3)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

When a local criminal defense attorney turns up dead, Sheriff Billie Gray arrives on the scene. At first glance, the lawyer’s death looks like suicide. But Billie knows better: this was murder.

To assist with the investigation, Billie calls on her old friend Solomon Shepard, who isn’t so eager to accept. After a traumatic attack left him mentally in shambles, Solomon is on indefinite leave from the county attorney’s office. But Billie needs him. And he can’t say no to Billie.

As Billie and Solomon hurtle into the investigation, they soon realize the killer may be closer to them than they ever thought possible. Can they catch a killer who anticipates their every move—before they find themselves in the crosshairs?

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