The Tinker & The Witch by G. J. Daily

The Tinker & The Witch by G. J. Daily (Tales of Ardimus Saga)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Come sit by the hearth and enjoy a pint and well packed pipe with Andrew, a seventeen-year-old tinker from a nearby swamp, in this feel-good slice of life, as he tells a tale of tree horses, Night Watchmen and the mythical being covered in eyes that grants dangerous wishes. It’s Eden Vale, a Festival of Lights, in Jatoba, a cozy village nestled high in the hills where Andrew is trying to ply his trade when a blizzard forces him into the leaning cottage on the edge of town that everyone fears.

When Lorna, a powerful witch whose memory is locked inside a sentient chest, saves Andrew’s life, he is compelled to find a way to help her. This sends him on a scavenger-hunt-type adventure in search of a way to open the particularly moody chest holding Lorna’s memories, secrets, and clues to their shared past.
On his journey, Andrew falls in love, enjoys a cup of tea with unique and powerful creatures, and is granted a dangerous and costly wish to help Lorna and ultimately himself.

Set in the world of ELOREE & ARDIMUS, THE TINKER AND THE WITCH is a cozy character-driven tale of good food, great friends and low-stakes adventure, rich with unique races that feel real for fans of LEGENDS AND LATTES, HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE and T. J. Klune.

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