The Florist by C. L. Pattison

The Florist by C. L. Pattison
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller


Amy Mackenzie is on the up. Her florist business is thriving, with a roll call of wealthy clients. And none are more glamorous than architect James Elliott and his beautiful wife, Eleanor. But try as she might to become part of their world, Amy is always on the outside looking in.
Hired by the couple to provide the flowers for a lavish party, Amy sees an opportunity to have the kind of lifestyle she’s always dreamed of. But when a guest suffers a violent and shocking death, the finger of blame is soon pointing at Amy. As the florist fights to clear her name, it isn’t long before she uncovers some ugly truths about the Elliotts.

But Amy is hiding an even bigger secret. And by the time she realises the past has finally caught up with her, it might just be too late.
A gripping, deliciously dark thriller with a jaw-dropping twist.Fans of The Housemaid, The Mother and The Guilty Couple won’t be able to put this down!

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