Trials of Conviction by T.A. White

Trials of Conviction by T.A. White (The Firebird Chronicles #5)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Her niece—taken. Her best friend—gone.
There’s only one mission that matters now—rescuing her loved ones from enemy hands.

Forced to embark on a dangerous journey, Kira will need every one of her allies as she prepares for the greatest battle of her life. With her mind and body failing, it’s a race against time to locate the homeworld of the Tsavitee. The alien race intent on dominating the universe.
A shadowy force stalks her every move. Their motives unclear. As secrets come to light and the danger deepens, the Phoenix will be forced to rise.

One thing is clear—not everyone will make it out of this unbroken.
The price for failure has never been so high.

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