The Grass Widow by Vanessa Edwards

The Grass Widow by Vanessa Edwards
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 376 KB

Leonie finds more than she bargained for when she tries to get even with her ex-lover – her quest for petty revenge becomes a search for the truth about a murder.

Ditched by her married lover Hugh and made redundant by the law firm she worked for, Leonie plans to make life difficult for Hugh while she searches for a new job. She inveigles her way into his house as a cleaner, intending to plant fake clues to his new liaison for his wife Amanda to find. But she soon discovers that Amanda is herself having an affair.

Meanwhile, fellow cleaners Brenda and Tina also have hidden agendas as they work: Brenda is counting on a spot of blackmail and Tina is looking for financial information to sell to her dodgy brother-in-law.

At the centre of this web is Amanda’s gardener Simon: handsome, ruthless and plausible, with a shady past and lofty ambitions.

A death in an apparent accident arouses Leonie’s suspicions. Can she put aside her animosity towards Amanda and use her impressive – if sometimes unorthodox – investigative skills to find the truth before someone else dies?

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