The Lonely Lands by Ramsey Campbell

The Lonely Lands by Ramsey Campbell
English | 2023 | Dark Fantasy | 2.3 MB

“He is unsurpassed in the subtle manipulation of mood… You forget you’re just reading a story” – Publishers Weekly

The latest bestseller from the ultimate craftsman of the dark fantastic, Ramsey Campbell. Joe Hunter has begun to adjust to the loss of his wife when he hears her calling from beyond, “Where am I?” His urge to help leads him into her afterlife, which is made up of their memories.

Even the best of those is no refuge from the restless dead, and Joe can only lure them away from her. Soon they begin to invade his everyday life, and every journey he makes to find her leaves him less able to return. When her refuges turn nightmarish he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep her safe…

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