The House Across The Street by Boris Bacic

The House Across The Street by Boris Bacic
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Behind the façade of polite neighbors lurks a dark secret.
Emma’s move to New Valley quickly takes a turn toward the mysterious when she’s greeted by her neighbors, Nick and Christine, a picture-perfect couple from across the street. Despite the undeniable attraction to Nick, Emma is wary, sensing deeper undercurrents in their seemingly perfect life.

But the real enigma lies closer to home—in a locked door in her own basement. Driven by a mix of fear and fascination, Emma is determined to uncover what lies beyond it. The deeper she delves, the more she realizes that the door is not just a gateway to the secrets of her home, but to the dark underbelly of the entire neighborhood.

As Emma gets entangled in a web of deception and forbidden desires, she learns that the key to unlocking the door might also unlock truths better left hidden. In New Valley, the danger isn’t just in the secrets you keep, but in the truths you uncover.

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