The Perfect Nanny by D.L. Fisher

The Perfect Nanny by D.L. Fisher
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Lucinda and Andrew Douglass are settling into life with their newborn baby, Delilah. Only four weeks in, much to Andrew’s dismay, Lucinda is planning her return to a high-powered job at the New York Stock Exchange, causing a major rift in their already volatile marriage.
On the bright side, Lucinda has found the perfect nanny to care for their precious baby.
Okay, so Bree Miller shows up for work two weeks early and is a little too friendly with Andrew. But on her very first day on the job, she literally saves Delilah from an attempted abduction at Central Park.

She’s almost too good to be true.
Maybe it’s just a coincidence that threatening pictures are showing up anonymously at Lucinda’s apartment, and a friend is poisoned at her intimate dinner party…

Or maybe not.
Is Bree really the perfect nanny? Or is she Lucinda’s worst nightmare?

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