They Hunt by Claire Fraise

They Hunt by Claire Fraise (They Stay Series #4)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

An evil ghost is back from the grave and hungry for revenge. Can this close-knit group of teens stop it from destroying everything they love?
Shiloh Oleson never expected to end up in juvie. But the stubborn sixteen-year-old is willing to wait for justice while behind bars to keep her friends safe. That is, until the ghost she thought they’d banished forever shows up with his mind set on murder.

Francesca Russo has a gentle soul. Trapped in the realm between life and death, the soft-spoken necromancer focuses on escaping the realm of the dead so she can warn her friends of the coming danger.
As Shiloh fights for her life, Miles and Jonah scramble to clear their friend’s name in unconventional ways. And as more ghosts attack, Francesca fears she’s not strong enough to defeat the growing evil …
With darkness closing in, are these teen ghost hunters about to unleash a soul-sucking apocalypse?

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