The Self-Care Bible by Rachel Newcombe

The Self-Care Bible: Inspiration and guidance to a more balanced you by Rachel Newcombe
English | 2023 | Self Help

Now is the time to start looking after YOU. The Self-Care Bible guides you through every component of an essential self-care routine, with detailed descriptions and step-by-step exercises.

Maintaining self-care through everyday practice can leave you feeling grounded, energized, and confident—ready to face the world as your best self. The Self-Care Bible helps put the emphasis back on you, guiding you through a routine that aligns three important parts of personal health: physical wellbeing, mental-emotional wellness, and life-balance.

Including helpful descriptions, step-by-step exercises, and motivating checklists, you will learn a variety of techniques to combat stress and anxiety, build your emotional resilience, achieve better sleep, understand how to enjoy a balanced diet, and create calm between relationships and your own personal endeavours.

With this holistic approach of gentle self-care, you can nourish, inspire, encourage, and motivate your way to a healthier, stronger, and more balanced you.

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