The Shadow of Dread by T.C. Edge

The Shadow of Dread by T.C. Edge (The Bladeborn Saga #6)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The shadow of dread has fallen. Beneath it, all men quail.
The Great Calamity has returned, destroying all in his wake. Reeling from the destruction of King’s Point and the death of his uncle, Elyon Daecar makes at once for Varinar to discern the state of the city. What he finds gives him small cause for hope. Through the spreading darkness, thin shards of light remain. They must act quickly lest they close forever.

Saska’s time in Aram has run out. With the city safe from the coalition of Lords Krator and Kastor, she sets her sights on her journey north, bidding her dying grandmother farewell. She has no choice now but to embrace her fate and harden her heart to her purpose. In a world falling to ruin, she will need all the help she can get. And friends old and new will be there to give it, not always in ways she wants.
Freed from the grip of the Nightblade at last, Jonik sets out in the service of a new master. His fate as foreseen by the Far-Seeing Queen has been met, yet a new destiny awaits him. One that will take him to places he never knew existed.

The weather of the world is changing. To both north and south, cataclysmic events are unfolding across land and sea. In this dying world kings are made and princes tested, exiles fight to restore their honour. Ancients rise, creatures swarm, men whisper of the waking of titans…
And in the heart of Agarath, a demigod broods. Spreading forth the dark will of his master.

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