The Wrong Patient by Rachel Hargrove

The Wrong Patient by Rachel Hargrove
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

From patient to prime suspect…
In the glittering heart of Beverly Hills, every face hides secrets … especially Ava’s.
Once a patient at Dr. Selene Marks’s upscale clinic, Ava now bears both the scars of a botched procedure and a restraining order barring her from seeking answers from Dr. Selene.

But when the celebrity dermatologist goes missing, Ava becomes the scapegoat of an online community determined to find justice. Ava must prove her own innocence before the mob destroys her reputation and takes her life.
In a city where appearance is everything, Ava’s scars might just be the key to uncovering the truth—if they don’t mark her as the next victim first.

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