The Last Cosmonaut by Brandon Q. Morris

The Last Cosmonaut by Brandon Q. Morris
English | 2023 | Science Fiction

The year is 2029, and East Germany is celebrating its 80th anniversary as a socialist state. Cosmonaut Mandy Neumann has been aboard the east german space station for several weeks and is waiting for her replacement to arrive. But when the first inexplicable accidents occur, she starts to suspect that someone is sabotaging her mission. Shortly after, she loses contact with ground control and has to fight for her life.

The only person who can help her is Tobias Wagner, a police lieutenant. He’s trying to track down a missing physicist who was involved in the construction of the space station. The trail leads him to a restricted military area in the eastern part of the country, where he quickly runs into trouble with his superiors. Because what Wagner discovers seems to endanger the existence of this nation – and perhaps even the entire world.

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