Tropic Angel by Nate Van Coops

Tropic Angel by Nate Van Coops
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 400 KB

Former Blackhawk pilot Luke Angel wants nothing more than to enjoy the easy life he’s found in coastal Florida. He’s got a seaplane business, a well-trained dog, and a loyal and lovable crew to throw back margaritas with. But when a plane belonging to a friend goes missing from Luke’s airport, local detectives are understandably baffled. Clues are scattered from the Keys to the far side of the Gulf of Mexico, and Luke may be the only one with the connections to piece the puzzle back together.

The case rips open old family tensions for Luke and the woman he once loved. When his eleven-year-old niece gets dragged into the danger, Luke finds himself facing down elements of his past he thought long buried.

Dipping his floats into murky water has Luke tangling with deadly people who’d love nothing more than to clip his wings.

He’ll have to fly fast if he wants to protect the people he loves, or he’ll end up at the bottom of the bay.

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