Wild Magic by E.B. Wheeler

Wild Magic by E.B. Wheeler (Iron & Thorns #2)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 523 KB

She couldn’t get the blood off her hands.
Amy made her share of mistakes in the past—deadly ones—but she’s determined to prove that she’s still worth something. Even if she’s not sure she believes it herself.

Her friends need all the help Amy can muster as enemies gather on every side. Guided by a powerful Dark Muse, the Grigori hunt those with Faerie blood for their magical experiments, putting even Domin at risk. The Fay plan a brutal revenge that will fall on the guilty and innocent of London alike—and they have no intention of freeing Henry or forgetting Cassandra or Jairus. And Mary must face the terrible cost of being a Faerie changeling.

Amy is certain she’ll only make more mistakes against so many threats, but if she fails, blood will flow in the streets of London.

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