Unhinged by B.P Stevens

Unhinged by B.P Stevens (The Silencer #6)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 480 KB

The clock is ticking… and the Silencer is running out of time.

Evidence is piling up. Mistakes are being made. The Silencer is becoming unhinged, and he isn’t acting the same. After mourning the loss of a dear friend, Emma and the rest of her detectives come across a piece of evidence that could entirely ruin the Silencer. Now, all the cards are on the table. The Silencer wants to meet Emma…

But Harper has other plans.
While the team rushes to uncover the identity of the man who has caused them so much trouble, Emma finds herself face to face with a person she can only describe as the devil. But he isn’t a fool, and nobody fights harder than when they’re cornered.

Will this be the end for the Silencer, or does he have other plans?

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