We Were Not Innocent by Douglas Lindsay

We Were Not Innocent by Douglas Lindsay (DI Buchan Series #5)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Set a few months after the terrible events of A LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO DEATH, We Were Not Innocent finds Buchan still haunted by the murder of one of his team, but now excluded from the investigation into the activities of the gang who carried out the crime.

A bleak day in November starts badly, with Buchan called to the scene of a murder. There’s a horror movie shooting in a grand old church in the city, and the associate minister has been found dead, killed after the fashion of Yael’s murder of Sisera in the Book of Judges.

Once again thrown into the arts world, this time multiplied by religion, Buchan’s troubles are exacerbated by being called to face an inquiry into the events of the previous summer. There is someone on the inside of Police Scotland out to get Buchan, and this latest murder case, and the continuing fallout of the previous one, will come crashing together in another shocking conclusion…

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