Blunt Force Trauma by John Carson

Blunt Force Trauma by John Carson (DCI Harry McNeil #20)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

When looking into the abyss, be careful of who’s looking back…

When the lifeless body of a psychiatrist is uncovered in the heart of Edinburgh, the responsibility of unraveling this murder falls upon DCI Harry McNeil and his dedicated team. This well-respected professional had maintained a thriving private practice, commanding deep respect within his field.
As they meticulously deconstruct the facets of the doctor’s existence, they unearth a disconcerting revelation – not everyone held the esteemed psychiatrist in such high esteem. However, as a veil of silence shrouds potential witnesses, Harry faces an uphill battle in his quest to unravel the mystery behind the doctor’s untimely demise. Will he ultimately piece together the puzzle and bring justice to the fallen doctor?

Meanwhile, DI Frank Miller returns to his job, only to find himself facing a grave accusation. He knows his life is in peril, with a relentless enemy determined to see him silenced. A single name holds the key to his salvation: a mysterious woman whose identity remains elusive. With time running out, Miller must uncover her identity or face a life on the run. Will he unearth the truth, or will he pay the ultimate price in his quest for redemption?

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