Exposed by Casey King

Exposed by Casey King (The Dublin Thrillers #2)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

People feared him. They respected him. But most of all, they obeyed him. And now he’s dead.
Danielle Lewis has just inherited the top spot in the Lewis crime family, following her uncle Ged’s death.
Danielle doesn’t want to be boss. But if she doesn’t step up, someone far worse will.
The reluctant heiress has no interest in carrying her uncle’s empire. She doesn’t want to fight for territory with the rival Flynns. And she certainly doesn’t care about the €5 million stash of cocaine that Ged had hidden just before he died.

But others will do anything to take her place.
Danielle’s more concerned about Ged’s orphaned infant daughter, who she’s been looking after.
Then Danielle is attacked and the baby is taken.
A switch turns on inside Danielle.
Danielle won’t stop until she finds her. She’s in charge. And she will destroy anyone in her way.

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